A Discussion of "Harm None, Do as You Will" Part Two

A Discussion of "Harm None, Do as You Will" Part Two

In the first installment of this discussion, we talked about the possible meanings of the Wiccan Rede and how we got the Rede.  I recommend that you read the first part before you read this part, as it will make a lot more sense to you to read them in order.


In the last installment of this discussion, we addressed that "do as thou wilt" or "do as you will" or "do what you will" can mean more than just "do whatever you want."  We talked about how the "will" is a point of active manifestation because when we "will," we use our personal creative power to attempt to bring something into being.  So "do as you will" can mean "what you will, that, do."  The idea is that our thoughts and actions bring things into being, and the only way we can control what happens is to align our wills with what we wish to bring about.  So for this discussion, we will take a look at what it means to "do what you will" when that definition of "will" is being employed.


Wicca is a religion of personal responsibility.  And as Wicca teaches us that everything is connected, we each are responsible for how we affect the world.  That means being proactive about what we create and taking responsibility for what we create.  When I "do what I will," I am aligning my actions (and thoughts are actions too, as is choosing to do nothing) with what I wish to bring forth into the material world.  Here are some examples of "doing what you will" in this context.

1.  If a person likes that sustainable farming and local consumption is good for the planet, that person would do something to support those endeavors.  It could mean joining your local co-op grocery, shopping at farmer's markets,getting a community supported agriculture subscription, or donating to a local bio-dynamic farm through volunteerism or cash donation.

2.  If a person thinks family violence is a problem, that person could get involved with fund raising for the local domestic abuse shelter or volunteer time and effort to support a local shelter.  Don't have money or a lot of extra time?  Just take a bunch of flyers from the local shelter and leave them in public restrooms.

3.  If a person wants to align his or her will with his or her personal ethics, that means taking a fearless inventory of our behaviors.  Are they in alignment with our ideals?  If not, it doesn't mean we must berate ourselves.  It means we take steps toward aligning to our ideals.  We are all human.  But working toward aligning with our ideals is a magically and spiritually significant endeavor.  What can you do to further align your existence with your ethical ideals?


Doing "as we will" is a complex endeavor.  It requires examination of whether we are "walking our talk," and whether we are truly taking responsibility for what we manifest.  We are powerful creatures and we bring forth that which we create internally.  What are you creating and what would you like to create?

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