Crystal Gridding to Enhance Energy Work

Crystal Gridding to Enhance Energy Work


Crystals and gemstones carry within them unique vibrations that correspond with various aspects of Nature, or the Divine. Just as there are a wondrous variety of herbs on our planet which can be used to make medicines and simples, there are also gemstones whose energies can be used to enhance our health and well-being.


Crystals can be programmed to hold, magnify, direct, and disperse energy. This is why a quartz battery can be used to power a clock. Quartz crystal in particular is known for its extraordinary ability to hold a charge and direct energy in alignment with the intention of the energy worker. There are hundreds of varieties of quartz crystal, and the different formations are known by “crystal people” to have certain qualities that help people accomplish different tasks.


Throughout history and in many cultures, gems have been used for their unique properties, which is one of the reasons that they have been highly prized as jewels.


What is a Crystal Grid?


A grid is a system which gives support to a structure. In the case of a crystal or gemstone grid, the system (placement of stones) gives support to an energetic structure that works for a particular goal or intention. Grids can send energy, take in energy, concentrate energy, contain energy, or a combination of a few of these.


Creating a Grid


For our purposes, we’ll assume that the crystals to be used have already been cleansed.




  1. Determine the Intention. Is your grid being used to help you heal someone? Is the person present? Is it to help you acquire more prosperity? Help your new baby sleep through the night? Protect your house from intruders? Be certain that your intention is a clear, direct one, as those work best for crystal grids. Select the stones that are appropriate for your goal. For instance, use aventurine for prosperity, or ametrine for astral projection. Remember, quartz crystal may stand in for other stones.

    2. Determine Size and Location. Your purpose, whether the grid will be temporary or permanent, available space, etc., will determine size and location of your grid. For instance, if you are using a grid to heal someone who is present, it makes sense to grid around their body and then dismantle the grid when the session is over. You can also create a small grid on a plate and continue to renew the charge of the grid for long-term healing. Grid rose quartz in the four corners of your bedroom and under you bed to help strengthen your marriage, or grid only in the “relationship quadrant” of your bedroom. To aid in spell work, a grid that surrounds your circle space may be used, or you can have a grid to charge in circle and leave in place until the desired results have been obtained. Often, small grids work just as well as large ones.

 3. Clear the Space. This can be done in a variety of ways, of course, from simple smudging to more elaborate consecration with the elements, etc. Follow your instincts.

4.  Create Sacred Space. This can be done with a circle cast or with intention, as formally or as informally as the situation warrants.

5. Place the Crystals. Think about sacred geometry when you place your crystals. Often, a central crystal or cluster is surrounded by a circle of crystals, a triangle, diamond, or infinity sign. Your intention can guide you with this. If using terminated points, place points facing inward to “power up” a central stone, or pointing out to disperse stored energy. Or, you can place points toward an object you wish to represent someone or something (such as a poppet to represent a person, a dollar for prosperity, etc.).

6.  Empower the Grid. This can be done with meditation and focusing, with chanting, toning, group power raising, etc. It can also be done using a “master” crystal, which you empower and then point toward the other crystals in the grid to fill them with the energy. Simply passing your charged hands over the grid in a deosil motion can work very well. If you are energetically sensitive, you may feel or see or hear indications that your grid has been empowered. You may wish to periodically reinforce the charge on your grid by simply repeating whatever method you used to charge it. Sacred space is good for this, but not necessary.


 Dismantling Your Grid


 Some say that it’s important to dismantle the grid as one would a sacred circle. I believe it depends on how formalized the creation of the grid was and on the tastes of the practitioner. The only time that I strongly recommend a formalized dismantling of a grid is when the grid is placed around a person for an energy healing session. Then, it’s important to dismantle from the soul-star (chakra above the crown) to the Earth star (chakra beneath the feet), so as to help the client remain grounded after the session.
















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