Living Our Magical Lives

Decocting Magical Oil

Every once in a while I stop and wonder at my life.  Sure, there are a lot of twists and turns and stresses (like the break up of my daughter's engagement and her resulting residence in my basement to await the birth of her daughter in August, for instance), but all in all, I have the most blessed existence.  I believe fully that this is because I have embraced magic as a way of life.  What does that mean?  It means driving my own vessel and behaving as though everything is connected, because in my experience, it is.  And one of my greatest joys is creating the manifestable blessings I desire by connecting those concepts to the mundane and taking action to bring forth my will into my life.  Can you do it without spell craft?  Well, sure.  But I like doing it with eye of newt and wing of bat (those are folk names for herbs, folks) because it's fun!  And as any good magical person knows, you will always need to take mundane steps first in order to get your magical endeavors to work.  No "new job" spell has a hope of working if you don't send out your resume!

Recently another initiate in my coven and I created a new coven oil.  We did this because our coven is changing rapidly, with new students coming in and one person leaving.  The old general purpose oil we created earlier just didn't represent our membership and its needs anymore.  So we put on our witch hats (O.K...I don't have a real witch hat, but if I did I would have put it on) and set to decocting and infusing, chanting and stirring.  We spent the whole evening gathering fresh herbs and woods, blooms and buds, sending their essences into our carrier oil on my stove.  Protection, healing, love, friendship, learning, resilience, connectedness...all were herbally represented, blended, heated, and empowered by us for the good of our little congregation.  And hours later, two sweaty, tired middle aged women had produced a fragrant, kick-ass magical oil that only needed to be connected to our group in ritual to be complete.

Last Saturday evening was not only the full moon in May but a lunar eclipse as well.  In chant and song as part of a much longer ritual, we empowered our new oil and placed in on our permanent coven shrine to "stew" for use after the next lunar cycle.  Each person was smiling as he or she took a whiff of the magical goodness, commenting on top notes and energy signatures.  And each of those people felt connected and included, bound together by this little potion that they can take home for personal use.  When they need connection, centeredness, strength, or a Divine spark, that oil will come out of the cupboard, the drawer, or the bag.  And one whiff will bring them home in their hearts, to our family, our coven.  And that, my friends, is magic.

So, what do you do to bring magic into your life?  What mundane thing is magical to you?  If you can't answer, I strongly encourage you to think about it.  Everybody needs a little magic, don't you think?

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Comments (4)

  1. Cat_Lionheart

    I observe the world around me, and embrace the love of my beloved.

    May 28, 2013
  2. gaiagirl

    Yeah Mindfulness is definitely magical. Makes you feel so rich, doesn’t it?

    May 28, 2013
  3. clairepetterd

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    August 08, 2016