Samhain Approaches

It's the same every October.  I feel my energy brighten and my spirituality deepen.  The Veil is thin now and as a sensitive who works with departed souls, I feel very at home in the energy of the beautiful and haunting Sabbat of Samhain. 

Here are some things that I do to prepare for the Sabbat:

1.  Create an ancestor altar with photos of my dearly departed, tokens of their time here with us, and representations of my Mighty Dead (chosen ancestors).

2.  Blend bath salts and incense blends for use during the Samhain season.  I like cinnamon, cloves, dragon's blood, copal, frankincense, myrrh, rosewood, allspice, and benzoin for this season.

3.  Write my own eulogy.  If you haven't ever done this, I heartily recommend it.  Think about what you would want people to say about you after you die.  Nothing helps me focus on what matters and what I should do than reflecting on how I wish people to remember me.

4.  Write eulogies to things in my life that should "die" in order to make room for the new.  It is a powerful spiritual experience to write a eulogy for, say, your smoking habit.  Thank your bad habit for what it brought you and acknowledge its importance in your life.  Send it forth with blessings and lay it to rest.  Then make room for something new to bless you in place of the thing that died.  Powerful.

5.  Connect with the ancestors.  Think about the fact that you yourself will be an ancestor and your great great great grandchildren won't get to meet you.  Write a letter to those who have died and those who will be born much later.  What would you say to them?

6.  Get out and feel the beautiful Earth during this mystical season.  Feel the crisp fall air.  Feel the cool ground.  Breathe the smell of dead leaves in the forest.  Death is Life and Life is Death.  Feel the magic.

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