What Are Chime Candles and How Are They Used?

What Are Chime Candles and How Are They Used?

You'll find chime candles in your local metaphysical shop, on Ebay, and many other places.  Chime candles are small taper shaped candles that burn without dripping and are completely consumed before burning out.  They are used for spell craft most usually.

Chime candles come in many colors and you can purchase holders for them, but most serious practitioners will tell you that crumpled aluminum foil works well as a chime candle holder.  Candle magic is a worthy subject and I don't mean for a second to portray it as simple.  However, as with all spell craft, the magic is in the intention, so the simplest of chime candle spells can be very effective.

Generally, the simplest candle magic has to do with diminishing something that is represented by the wax that is burned away by the candle flame.  Color is a matter of taste but there are some common correspondences.  You can look them up on the internet.  Just know that you aren't "doing it wrong" if you use a color that someone else thinks is "for something else." 

Sacred space is created and the candle is "dressed" and other wise prepared for the working.  To dress a candle, sacred oil (blessed oil) is spread thinly with a finger from stump end to wick end in long straight strokes.  Do this all around the candle.  However, if your spell includes inscribing your chime candle with symbols or words, do this before "dressing" the candle with oil for easiest handling.

This article isn't meant to explain spell craft.  If you need to study more to understand sending your intention into the ether, then I recommend reading "The Compleat Magickal Path," by John Cross as an excellent beginner treatise.  Raymond Buckland's essential candle magic book is a great resource as well.

Once your candle is "dressed" and inscribed if desired, place it in a holder and light the wick with intention, usually involving a rhymed incantation of your own writing.  The incantation should describe *in detail* the desired outcome of your spell working.  You can close your circle and place your candle somewhere safe to burn.  Watch the candle carefully until it burns down.  If any wax remains (it won't usually), bury it.  Think no more on the spell.  It is done.

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Comments (12)

  1. mandamo85

    Is it important in the craft to make sure once a chime candle is lit for your intention that it should be burnt down until it is gone or out? I have read some conflicting things on candle magick where some will blow out the candle after or some say “NO! you must let the candle burn out on it’s own or it won’t work!” As with many aspects of the craft is it what feels appropriate to the practitioner? Thank you in advance for your insight and feedback.

    November 14, 2012
    1. gaiagirl

      I think that it has to do with your action being in alignment with your intention. For instance, if you are “burning away” something (conflict between neighbors, for instance), it makes sense to burn all the wax away and if there is some left, bury it. If the candles represent something else, then do whatever seems most in alignment with your intention. Although I’m not a huge fan of a lot of Raymond Buckland’s books, I do like his candle magick book. You might check it out.

      November 14, 2012
      1. mandamo85

        Thanks so much, makes sense. I’ll add this book to my list!

        November 14, 2012
  2. kurtcooksalot16

    That is a very interesting candle holder. I was thinking that it was going to be a hanging candle because of the chime part. It would be cool to have some hanging candles out on my porch with my other candles. http://www.mydivinestoresonline.com/

    July 07, 2014
    1. doloresbrown

      Do the candles actually make chime noises, or are they just inappropriately named? I think it would be awesome if the candles flickered or clicked every hour. I would have them instead of a clock. I guess it’s cool that they can do magic with the candlesticks. http://thecandleshop.net

      October 18, 2014
      1. assenavfairuz

        No, they don’t make any noises LOL! It was years before I found out why they were called “chime candles”; I think that the people who use them for their “intended” use just assume the rest of us know what they are talking about.

        They are actually fully called “Angel Chime Candles”, and this is because they are made for a type of Christmas decoration/toy called an Angel chime. This is a brass column with a fan-blade type thing on the top and chimes on the sides. The heat from the candles makes the “fan” spin which makes the…other metal things (?) hit the chimes.

        Here is a picture of one: http://www.amazon.com/Original-Swedish-Angel-Chimes-Cherub/dp/B0046C4KSG/ref=pd_sim_86_6?ie=UTF8&refRID=1P8EHXBD7ZT3T8T3X42Y&dpSrc=sims&dpST=AC_UL160_SR160%2C160

        September 07, 2015
  3. timjohnson

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    July 30, 2014
  4. davis-partridge

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    September 04, 2014
  5. pswriteme666

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    October 27, 2014
  6. derricksly

    Is it possible to hang these from any kind of holder or lantern? I have a few nice ones. I just want to make sure that they’ll work just the same regardless of holder/candelabra. They would look nicer but if it doesn’t work the same then there’s no point.

    November 22, 2014
  7. jim_furgeson

    I love how rustic and old this candle holder looks! It would add very well to the ambiance of a antique style room. My house is full of great things, and this would add very much to my study!


    January 02, 2015
  8. billostrand40

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